What Can You Learn from My BPO Business Delhi About Call Centers

Whenever we talk about Business Process Outsourcing or “BPO for short, the first service that comes to exemplify what a BPO is, is the call center (or Call Centre). Call center is a centralized company specialized in receiving and answering calls by telephone for another company that can’t handle all the receiving customer calls on their own. They work with Telemarketing, donations, payment collection, product explaining, service provider (like contacting a winch for a car accident) and market research.

That is exactly what a BPO means, a third-party service provider handling a specific business process for another company. Call center is an example of one of my BPO business that is offered.

How a call center operates and why it is important

Call centers usually operate with their own functional system, and mine is no different. These systems exist to facilitate communication, accessibility, access to functionalities and duties.  Our agents are then able to navigate freely with an organized interface and request services in no time to fasten up the attendance process. The system is also connected to the telephone network so our agents are able to make calls to already registered numbers. Examples of that are the “agent support” and “quick service provider”, which are sectors inside our call center available for the operators to call whenever they need assistance with the call.

That aside, whenever a company grows to a relatively medium proportion, it is safe to say it will need to contract this type of service. Providing information to customers is essential to the fidelity of your client base and the credibility of your product. That said, companies don’t normally decide to install a call center in their own workspace, because of the cost and investment it requires to set up and the possible lack of quality. That is where the BPO services enter.

Like any other business, call center business too has some business risks and troubles involved in the implementation and carrying out the operations. Here we list top 4 such problems.

Missing Operators

Whenever I read my BPO business reviews, I see a pattern: Long waiting time on the phone. It is a very real and harsh problem faced by call centers because it is a very frustrating problem and almost impossible to handle. Whenever an agent from the staff leaves the company, we have to hire a new one as fast as possible because of the missing chair that could be answering phone calls. That is also true for when an operator is absent because of some specific reason and the phone calls get crowded in the waiting line.

No direct control of our attendance

If callers end up having to speak with several agents just to solve one problem, that is highly against our favor and reputation but it is so hard to avoid. We have to offer our agents the possibility of transferring calls to ensure that the customer are talking to the right sector. That, however, can and is abused whenever an agent feels like they should transfer the client just because they can. This issue has caused complaints against my BPO business several times.

We can’t directly improve services

My BPO business complaints are often due to the fact that operators lose their temper easily or simply refuse to take calls. Our service is so dependent on the good work of our operators that we have to hire from three to six managers per sector to ensure they keep an eye on the calls and spot mistakes whenever they see one. Even with this amount of effort, when searching what our clients think of the service, between reviews of my BPO business there are always complaints about a mid-conversation hang-up or a unpolite approach. Even though we have direct customer support, their only resource comes from the protocol number our operators announce during a phone call, but they never write it down, so we can’t spot the bad element. This is especially true when a caller gets redirected between lines several times and the operators end up announcing several protocols and customers get confused. It is just bad.

Constantly switching staff

We are constantly losing our best people and having to hire new ones, because of the appearance of a better opportunity or a fed-up agent. This requires us to hire and train new people, but the quality of service always falls when that happens. This is somewhat true because of the preconception there is surrounding working in a call center and why it is not that serious of a job.

We also have to hire new operators as fast as possible. For that, we tend to hire people without previous experience to accelerate the process and fill those missing chairs, otherwise, the waiting time gets too punishing. Because of that, whenever they get finish their superior education, they tend to move to a different job instead of relying on a possible promotion. And there is tons of promotion offers to talented staff who was showed high standards.


Honestly, BPO services go through a break-up with their customers several times. This happens because of the previously mentioned issues, that we can’t control the quality of service directly by ourselves: It is just too big of a proportion. That leads to clients deciding to end their relationship with the provider, and that is especially true with call centers.

BPO, especially call center is a lucrative business; but it comes with its own shares of problems. In case you are willing to enter it, be ready to face challenges and rude behavior.


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