My BPO Business Complaints Reveals How Customer Care Relates to Dedicated Customer Support

It is a common phenomenon that when call any customer care you are often informed that the call will be recorded for quality and training purpose. The reason behind a call being recorded for training or quality checking is that in every call center franchise or company, high end priority and importance is paid for absolute top notch customer oriented services. Each and every call center agent needs to abide by certain stringent parameters.

  • Humble and polite approach to every customer.
  • Offering maximum help to every customer.
  • Offering end to end information in the interest of the company as well as customer.
  • Clear and fluent speaking of whatever language the process is dedicated to.
  • Maintaining the quality of a call by offering valid information, offering warm wishes to customer, graceful handling of agitated customers, etc.

Maximum amount of complaints of my BPO business occurs owing to lack of any on these features. Either the customer finds the agent not so helpful, arrogant, offering misleading information, etc.

Patient Handling

To avoid potential customer dissatisfaction or my BPO business complaints, agents need to be patient and calm while speaking to customers. Patient listening conveys a message to the customer that their grievances are actually being eared.

Application of Metrics

Well metric is respect to call center culture is to weigh the customer’s requirement and accordingly offer solutions to the customer. This requires the agent to measure the importance and urgency of each call, and accordingly bring up according solutions and that too within minimal time.


No customer has the entire day to dedicate for a call, so you have to get going fast. Moreover, customers like their issues to be resolved fast and this even leads to positive reviews of my BPO business. Whereas if you tend to keep a customer on hold for an hour, the customer is ought to get agitated. The theory that all the call centre’s follow is maximum help in minimum time, and maximum calls in minimum time.

Knowledge plays an essential role along with prompt stimulus for every customer call. It is not always with product information that you can handle a customer. But as per my BPO business reviews, this is the personal caliber of a call centre agent to handle a customer with politeness, offering assurance, sympathy and showing true efforts to help them out. This ensures the customer about company’s true intention to satisfy a customer.

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